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Class of 2018

Anne Evans, DO

What other program do you know that has a website promoting doctors in their white coats, smiling on the Carolina Beaches?! During my audition rotation, I noticed that Coastal Family Medicine is a family in and of itself, with so much respect for one another. The level of evidence-based medicine practiced and the strength of the osteopathic training impressed me. The education here far surpasses other placed I have been and I am grateful to be part of such and amazing team!

A little bit about me: I am the oldest of four girls and my dad doesn’t complain one bit! I grew up in upstate New York at the base of the Adirondack Mountains. There I learned how to do some of my favorite things: hike, camp, boat, water ski, wake board, down hill ski, and sail. I worked as a medical technician in the local ER and knew that family medicine was my calling! I went to a small Liberal Arts College- Hamilton NY where I broke my fibula playing rugby- GO BLUE! In order to avoid seasonal affective disorder from the cold winters of NY, I completed my Masters Degree and Osteopathic Degree at Midwestern University in Arizona. I knew this program was the perfect fit for me because of the supportive environment, competitive education and awesome people!

Brittany Lloyd, MD

Hello! My name is Brittany Lloyd, and I am happy to tell you a little about myself and why I chose Coastal Family Medicine and NHRMC. I grew up in Duplin County (about an hour north of Wilmington) and attended East Carolina University for undergraduate and medical school.  Spending my entire life in rural eastern North Carolina has taught me the importance of primary care, so pursuing family medicine was a pretty easy decision for me.  

During the residency interview trail, I was so impressed with all the awesome family medicine programs in our region.  However, what stood out to me about NHRMC and Coastal Family Medicine were the strong training opportunities in pediatrics and women's health, emphasis on community involvement, and the experience of working in a medically underserved region of North Carolina.  I am very excited to be here in Wilmington and to join such a great program!

Courtney Walsh, DO

Hi! My name is Courtney Walsh and I am from Alexandria, Ohio. I attended college at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio and attended medical school at Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine in Athens, Ohio. That handsome man in the picture with me is my husband, Daniel. He is a seventh grade Social Studies teacher at Topsail Middle School. We moved to Wilmington one week after getting married and love our new home. I decided on family medicine because I enjoy the variety of patient interactions and the ability to practice preventative medicine. I was looking for a dually accredited program with training in OMT and have definitely found great OMT training here! I fell in love with Wilmington and Coastal Family Medicine after spending a month rotating through the clinic and hospital. I was impressed by the comprehensive care provided to patients, the supportive attending physicians, and the knowledge base of the residents. I have enjoyed training in all aspects of family medicine and feel I am becoming more prepared to be a  great family physician. As a bonus, I also enjoyed the beautiful and fun city of Wilmington with its great beaches and lack of snow. Overall, New Hanover Regional Medical Center Residency in Family Medicine has been the best fit for my husband and me!

Georgia Marsh, DO

I originally am from the Midwest so being on the east coast for the past several years has been amazing!  I grew up in St. Louis MO and attended the University of Missouri for undergraduate, and then AT Still University-Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine.  I was commissioned in the US Navy during medical school.  I graduated from medical school in 2010 and completed an internship at the Naval Hospital San Diego.  I then went to the Naval Air Station Pensacola FL for 8 months to complete the Flight Surgeon program.  I was stationed at the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort SC for the past 3 years as the flight surgeon for a squadron of Marine F-18 jets.  My time as a flight surgeon was incredible especially our deployment aboard a carrier.  I was granted a full time out source training for residency from the Navy.  I chose New Hanover for family practice because of the quality of residents in the program and the involvement of the staff.  I want to be a well rounded primary care physician and New Hanover delivers!  The Wilmington area allows so many activities that I enjoy such as going to the beach and road biking. 

Lila Nussair, MD

Hi, I’m Lila Nussair. I grew up in Atwater, California and attended a combined 6-year BA/MD program in Kansas City, Missouri.  Since I grew up in California, I’ve always enjoyed going to the beach and being near water, making Wilmington a natural fit for me. I fell in love with the program when I came here for my interview. I loved the volunteer and community involvement opportunities and the broad-spectrum curriculum offered here. Within Family Medicine, I especially enjoy disease prevention, adolescent medicine, and women’s health. In my free time I love to cook, travel, and visit my family and friends. I look forward to all the opportunities Wilmington and this residency have to offer!

Russell Beckstead, DO

I’m so excited to be a part of the residency program here in Wilmington! The program caught my eye from the first visit with how friendly and devoted everyone is to helping one another. There are so many opportunities here to learn and grow.

I grew up in a small farming community in Idaho, lived in Mexico for a couple years, attended undergrad in Utah, and completed medical school in Missouri where I met my amazing wife. These opportunities to meet and work with so many different people are some of the most rewarding moments I’ve experienced, as I learn from their different walks of life. I love family medicine for this reason, and know I’ll continue to love my time here in Wilmington as well!

Class of 2019

Brianna Hitchner, DO

Hi! My name is Brianna.  I was born and raised in Philadelphia. Throughout my grade school and high school years, I loved being outdoors and playing sports, but I especially loved being around horses. Strange for a city girl, I know.  I went to college at the University of Delaware where I got a degree in Exercise Physiology and also competed on the equestrian team.  From there, I returned back home for medical school at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.  Although I hated the idea of being a forever student, I chose to hang out for an extra year in medical school and focus more specifically on osteopathic medicine.   Lucky that I did!  That choice led me to inadvertently meet my now husband, Mike.  For residency, I wanted a Family Medicine program that allowed me to learn it all.  I wanted the opportunity to treat with OMT, to do procedures, to deliver babies and to see just as many kids as I would adults.   I looked at programs all over the east coast and fell in love with New Hanover.
The decision to move to Wilmington, NC was a wonderful choice.  Mike and I absolutely love being so close to the beach.  Any free time we have is spent in the sand, in the water and or working on our newest hobby, learning how to surf!

Erin Evans, DO

I am from Lake George, which is located in upstate New York. I completed my Bachelors of Arts degree in Neuroscience at Hamilton College.  I then completed a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences where I later attended medical school, the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM).  I have wanted to be a physician for as long as I could remember.  When I was in elementary school I used to round in the hospital with my dad, a family physician, where I saw first hand the importance of fostering an enduring patient-doctor relationship.  I appreciate the continuity of care and enjoy the versatility of primary care, with each day offering a variety of cases embracing different age groups.  I am interested in practicing general medicine while incorporating osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT). I wanted to continue my education at NHRMC because they offer the true general medicine experience where the residents graduate feeling capable of running their own practice, working as a hospitalist, delivering babies, and performing OMT.  The faculty and residents at NHRMC are like a family and I am not just saying that because one of the other residents is my sister!  I am so excited that my sister, Anne, and I are not only in the same state, but are co-residents!  I am also fortunate because I couple matched with my fiancé, Grant, who is in the internal medicine residency program.   Grant and I met during our first year at LECOM and we became engaged on top of a volcano in Maui, Hawaii just before starting intern year.  Outside of medicine, Grant and I enjoy being outdoors running, cycling, playing tennis, hiking, swimming, etc.  I am so excited to live in Wilmington where there are so many activities! I look forward to experiencing all the restaurants, festivals, concerts, and outdoor sports Wilmington has to offer.

Latonya Beatty, MD

Hi, I’m Latonya Beatty and I am thrilled to be one of the new Family Medicine interns.  I grew up in Bolton, a small town about 30 miles outside of Wilmington. I’ve taken the non-traditional route into medicine. I have a nursing background where I was initially an RN and then I went on to become a FNP. Throughout my nursing career, I’ve had wonderful experiences in the hospital and clinical settings that has significantly increased my passion for family medicine. My desire to increase my scope of practice and my thirst for more knowledge could not be quenched. I attended undergrad at East Carolina University and medical school in the Caribbean at Montserrat.
I chose family medicine because I want to work with patients and their families across the span of a lifetime. I want to become an integral part of each patient's life and this specialty is the perfect opportunity to foster long-term relationships. Coastal Family Medicine is an amazing program for residency training! I’ve had great mentors in the past who received excellent training here.  The faculty has a passion for teaching, mentoring, and will provide intensive clinical training experiences with a diverse patient population. I particularly enjoy rural medicine, women’s health, global health, and prevention. I am looking forward to training in an environment where I see myself working long term! Wilmington has a lot to offer with great weather, the beaches, and great food!

Mariam Nejati, MD

Hello! I am originally from the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) area. I went to Hood College for my undergraduate education and then Medical University of the Americas for medical school. What drew me to the program was the supportive environment displayed by the residents to the faculty and staff members.  I also want to be a well-rounded family physician that can practice anywhere after graduation. The program’s curriculum and amazing faculty allows exactly for that.  I enjoy women’s health and global health. I hope one day to participate in medical missions around the world. I look forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities the program has to offer!

Patrice Dason, DO

Hi! My name is Patrice Dason, and I am from Knightdale, NC (right outside of Raleigh). I attended North Carolina State University then headed out to the Midwest for medical school at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. I completed my third and fourth year rotations for medical school in Orlando, FL. I am so excited to be back in my home state and become a part of the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program. After four weeks of an acting internship with the program, I knew this was the place for me. The residents and faculty are encouraging, supportive, and full of knowledge. And of course, there is the added benefit of living at the beach! I chose Family Medicine because of the relationships you build with your patients over time. I get to treat patients of all ages and backgrounds, which makes my career exciting and rewarding.
I was a collegiate swimmer at NCSU and have now transitioned my love of exercise into a passion for yoga. I also enjoy traveling and exploring with my boyfriend, Drew, whenever we get the opportunity. Drew graduated from East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine and is originally from New Bern, NC. My sister and brother-in-law are also dentists; however, they are serving in the navy currently stationed in Hawaii. My mother and father live in Knightdale, NC, just a short drive away. I am happy to return to my roots, closer to family, and within the great state of North Carolina. I am thrilled to call Wilmington my new home.

Tom Stocklin-Enright, DO

Coastal Family Medicine is such an amazing residency. The curriculum allows me to pursue my passion in rural emergency, sports medicine, and OMT while also providing the ability to train in an environment built around continuity. The residents are such a large part of the community and provide excellent care to their patients. My favorite part of the residency, other then the awesome people, is the freedom to take ownership of your education in an extremely resident friendly environment. Coastal Family Medicine provides strong training in Family Medicine while allowing the residents to appreciate work-life balance.


About me: I was born and raised in the small town of Aurora, Oregon. I’m very close to my amazing family who live back in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). My younger years were spent pursuing hockey all over the Western USA and Canada. In fact, it allowed me to live and play in Canada for some years after high school prior to attending University of Oregon. Go Ducks! After U of O I attended Western University of Health Sciences-COMP where I met my wife, Alyssa. We both love the outdoors; Hiking, Biking, SUP’ing, Running, Surfing…and just about anything active. We are both so excited to be a part of the Coastal Family Medicine team. 

Class of 2020

Alyssa Horne, DO

Hi! My name is Alyssa Horne and I am from a small farming town in southwest Washington.  I am the oldest of three children.  I studied Physiology at the University of Washington and love PAC-12 football.  I attended Western University of Health Sciences COMP-NW.  It was here that I developed a love for community medicine and appreciation for knowing your neighbors.  I also happened to meet the man who would one day become my husband.  He is a second year in the Coastal Family Medicine Residency.  We began our adventure in medical school and life continues to be exciting.  I graduated from Medical School, married Tom, and moved to Wilmington to start residency in less than a ten day period.  Talk about a whirlwind!  We are so happy to be a part of the Coastal Family Medicine Residency.  The program has the perfect balance of family-like atmosphere while still pushing residents to become versatile evidence-based physicians.  Being a DO, I appreciate the opportunities available to me at this program as I continue learn Osteopathic techniques.    I am ever impressed by the education we receive at this Residency.  We are truly lucky to be in Wilmington.  Being so close to the ocean has also allowed us to indulge in our favorite activities of running, body surfing, boogie boarding, and when we are not at the ocean hiking and biking.  In Wilmington we work hard but also play hard.  

Jessica Bitencourt, DO

Hey! My name is Jessica Bitencourt and I am originally from Massachusetts. I got my Bachelor of Science in Biology from Eastern Nazarene College, married my best friend, moved to North Carolina, and then completed my medical degree at Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine. I have always wanted to become a family physician because I really enjoy building relationships and serving others. I hope to make a lasting impact in the lives of all my patients and am so thankful to be doing my residency at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. We love the beaches and all the people we have come across so far. Downtown is so lively and we love the diversity that Wilmington has to offer! In my free time, I enjoy traveling with my husband, hiking, meeting new people, and playing board games. 

Phillip Deal, DO

Robert Alexander, MD

I attended undergrad at the University of North Caroline at Wilmington and later went on to the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University for medical school.  I have been a resident of Eastern North Carolina for a majority of my life.  I live in a small community just outside of Wilmington with my wife and daughter.  One of my biggest draws to Wilmington and the surrounding area is the proximity to the beach.  My family and I love to play on the beach, fish, and kayak in the sound.  I was drawn to Coastal Family Medicine because the residency program offers a laid-back atmosphere while providing quality, well rounded education.  The faculty, staff, and residents provide a comfortable setting and have really made me feel welcome.  After residency, I plan to stay in the area and practice community based medicine.         

Sarah Ward, MD

Hello! My name is Sarah Ward, and I am originally from Chesterfield, Virginia. I attended Furman University to complete my Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology. After graduation in 2012, I moved to Baltimore, Maryland to volunteer with high school students while I applied to medical school. I obtained my MD from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine (Go Rams!) and married my great husband, Jacob. At VCU, I spent time focusing on care for underserved populations and discovered the appeal of the breadth and continuity of Family Medicine. I found myself in Wilmington, North Carolina because my husband grew up in this area and I simply fell in love with the program here at Coastal Family Medicine. I am passionate about full scope primary care including prenatal care, pediatrics, and preventive medicine. I am hoping to practice in rural communities here in Southeastern North Carolina for years to come. When I'm not working, you can find me outside with Jacob and our dogs, running, or reading a great book.

Stephanie Horan, DO

Hey! I’m Stephanie Horan. I grew up in Kinston, NC, a small city in the eastern part of the state. I attended Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC for my undergraduate and medical school education. My time at Campbell and at the Jerry M. Wallace Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine was a great, life changing experience. I met my wonderful husband, Troy, in the Creek on the first day of undergrad. He will graduate from CUSOM in 2019.  We have two hounds. Wiley, a Beagle/Basset mix and Daisy, a pure-bred Bloodhound.


I knew the Family Medicine program at NHRMC was special from researching NC programs and as an eastern NC native I knew the location in beautiful Wilmington would be a good match for me and my family given our love for the ocean, but I fell in love with the program on an acting internship during the fall of my fourth year of medical school. CFM and NHRMC a great place to learn. I was especially impressed by the variety of outpatient experiences offered and opportunity to be trained as a full spectrum Family Medicine physician, particularly the strength of their women’s health, OB and pediatric exposure. I’m grateful to be able to call Wilmington and CFM our new home!